Myths of Methyl B12 and Methylfolate Benefits: Part 2

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methylfolate benefits

Debunking The Myths Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Now that I have shared the saga of how the methylfolate and methyl B12 stories progressed from a kernel of truth to myths and eventually to outright lies, let me systematically debunk the myths of the mehtyl B12 and methylfolate benefits.   Debunking The Myths of Methylfolate Benefits   Methylfolate Benefits Myth: Methylfolate is ...

Methylfolate and Methyl B12 – Myths or Lies? Part 1

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methylated b lies

How Did The Myths Arise? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   How did methylfolate become the center of a myth?  How are the lies of the food supplement industry created? Some of them start innocently enough. They are often based on a kernel of truth which is misinterpreted by some well-meaning medical doctors. It’s not their fault. We teach future ...

Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?

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are low carb diets healthy

Can You Eat Low Carb & Live A Long And Healthy Life? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Are low carb diets healthy? Atkins, Paleo, Keto…It seems like everyone is following a low carb diet nowadays. They are popular, but they are also controversial. At this point you are probably wondering are low carb diets healthy and is there any ...

Should You Avoid Sugar Completely?

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avoid sugar from junk foods

Is It The Sugar, Or Is It The Food? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Should we avoid sugar completely?  Almost every expert agrees that Americans should cut down on the amount of sugar we are consuming. However, for some people this has become a “sugar phobia”. They have sworn that “sugar shall never touch their lips”. Not only ...

Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

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do vegetarians live longer

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney “Vegetarians don’t live longer, it just seems that way.” Many of you have probably heard that joke, but is it true? Are vegetarians healthier? Do vegetarians live longer? Is meat going to kill you? Let’s take a deep dive into the pros and cons ...

Does Folic Acid During Pregnancy Reduce Autism Risk From Pesticide Exposure?

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The Role Of Optimal Nutrition In Prenatal Health Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney There is no question autism rates are skyrocketing. The prevalence of autism in young children has increased 2-fold since 2000, 4-fold since 1996, and as much as 13-fold since 1980. A large part of that increase is simply due to changes in the diagnostic criteria ...

Do Artificial Sweeteners Help You Lose Weight?

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do artificial sweeteners help you lose weight

Sucralose and Weight Loss Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Do artificial sweeteners help you lose weight? It's a puzzle. We are drinking more artificially sweetened foods and sodas than ever. We've been told that those artificially sweeteners will help us cut calories and keep us slender. Yet, surprisingly, we’re fatter than ever. Let me put some numbers to that statement. ...

Stress and Jaw Pain

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stress and jaw pain

Get Rid Of Jaw Pain Forever Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT – The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   In this article we will show a connection between stress and jaw pain.  Stress is a part of everyone’s life, but the way you handle it makes a huge difference.  People think of stress coming from challenges like divorce, ...

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