Do Organic Foods Decrease Cancer Risk?

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organic foods decrease cancer risk

Is Eating Organic Worth The Cost? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Millions of Americans choose organic foods whenever possible. However, organic foods are expensive, and some experts claim they are a waste of money. That is why recent headlines claiming that eating organic foods decrease cancer risk have created such a stir. I will look at the study ...

Warm Up Before Stretching

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give thanks

Avoid Muscle Pain Before It Starts Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT –The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   Happy Thanksgiving! November is the month that reminds us to be grateful for all the blessings we enjoy because we are Americans.  Of course, we should be grateful every day for the freedoms we have in this beautiful country! Have you ...

Is Our Microbiome Affected By Exercise?

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is our microbiome affected by exercise

Microbiome Mysteries Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney In a recent post,  What is Your Microbiome and Why is it Important,  of “Health Tips From The Professor” I outlined how our microbiome, especially the bacteria that reside in our intestine, influences our health. That influence can be either good or bad depending on which species of bacteria populate our ...

Are Vitamin D Supplements Worthless?

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are vitamin d supplements worthless

Are We Asking The Right Question? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   We have been told that vitamin D is a miraculous “must have” vitamin. We have been told it’s not just important for healthy bones. It’s also important for a strong immune system, heart health, protection from cancer, and many other health benefits. We have been told that ...

How Long Do the Benefits of Supplements Last?

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benefits of supplements heart

Can Supplements Set You On A Path Towards A Healthier Life? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   A recent study (U Alehagen et al, PLOS One, April 11, 2018, 1-15 ) reported that the heart benefits of supplementation with coenzyme Q10 and selenium persisted for 12 years after supplementation ended. You would have thought a story like that would ...

High Protein Diets and Weight Loss

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Healthy Diet food group, proteins, include meat (chicken or turk

Do High Protein Diets Reduce Fat And Preserve Muscle? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Are high protein diets your secret to healthy weight loss? There are lots of diets out there – high fat, low fat, Paleolithic, blood type, exotic juices, magic pills and potions. But recently, high protein diets are getting a lot of press. The ...

Are Probiotics Bad For You?

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are probiotics bad for you

Are Probiotics Worthless? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Probiotics (friendly gut bacteria) are all the rage. There is big money to be made, so the internet is ablaze with all the amazing things probiotics can do for you. Of course, most of those articles are posted by companies wanting to sell you their miracle mixture of probiotic bacteria. In ...

Do Omega-3s Reduce Heart Disease Risk

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do omega 3s reduce heart disease risk confusion

Omega-3 Confusion Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney  This article includes updates as of October 2, 2018.  First, here is the earlier information. Do omega-3s reduce heart disease risk? Perhaps there is nothing more controversial in nutrition today than omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease risk. It is so confusing. One day you are told they reduce heart disease risk. The ...

What Is Your Microbiome And Why Is It Important?

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what is your microbiome

Probiotics and Hero Bacteria Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Suddenly the term “microbiome” is hot. It is featured in books, internet articles, and marketing materials produced by supplement companies wanting to sell their “magic” probiotic supplements. But, you are confused. You don’t know if what you read is true or just marketing hype.  What is your microbiome anyway? You ...

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What Is The Pectineus Muscle And Why Is It Important? Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT –The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   Spring Is In The Air I remember as a child we sang “Though April showers may come your way…they bring the flowers that bloom in May…” Of course, here in Florida we are blessed with flowers all year, ...