What Is Your Microbiome And Why Is It Important?

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what is your microbiome

Probiotics and Hero Bacteria Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Suddenly the term “microbiome” is hot. It is featured in books, internet articles, and marketing materials produced by supplement companies wanting to sell their “magic” probiotic supplements. But, you are confused. You don’t know if what you read is true or just marketing hype.  What is your microbiome anyway? You ...

How to Relieve Stress Naturally

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how to relieve stress naturally ice melting

Try A Mental Massage Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT –The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney  Want to know how to relieve stress naturally? Stress is rampant in the lives of many people, whether it be from work, homelife, or things we can’t control such as the weather or traffic.  And stress is a killer!  Even if it doesn’t ...

How Much Carbohydrates Should We Eat?

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how much carbohydrates should we eat

The “Goldilocks Effect” Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   How much carbohydrates should we eat? The low-carb wars rage on. Low-carb enthusiasts claim that low-carb diets are healthy. Many health experts warn about the dangers of low-carb diets. Several studies have reported that low-carb diets increase risk of mortality (shorten lifespan). However, two recent studies have come to the opposite conclusion. ...

Are ADHD Symptoms Reduced by Omega-3s?

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adhd symptoms children

Can Natural Approaches Cure ADHD? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   You keep seeing headlines saying that omega-3 fatty acids can help children with ADHD. But your pediatrician doesn’t recommend them. Why not? Is the story about omega-3s helping with ADHD symptoms just another myth created by supplement companies wanting to lighten your wallet? Or, is your doctor not ...

Red Meat and Heart Health

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red meat and heart health study

Can Red Meat Be Part Of A Heart Healthy Diet? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   What about red meat and heart health? It is so confusing. One recent headline proclaimed “Plant-based foods decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer.”  Another headline read: “Including beef with the Mediterranean diet improves heart health.”  You are probably wondering which of these ...

Do Stretches For Sciatica Nerve Pain Work?

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stretches for sciatica nerve pain tree example

Sciatica Treatment Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT –The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   Stretches for sciatica nerve pain work, but only when muscle spasms are released first! Most people have been told to stretch tight muscles, but they haven’t been told that muscle spasms (trigger points) shorten the fibers and tie the muscles into tiny micro knots. Here is an analogy that helps ...

Do Omega-3s Lower Blood Pressure in Young, Healthy Adults?

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omega-3s lower blood pressure young adults

What Is The Omega-3 Index And Why Is It Important? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Do omega-3s lower blood pressure in healthy adults? The literature on the potential health benefits of omega-3s is very confusing. That’s because a lot of bad studies have been published. Many of them never determined the omega-3 status of their subjects prior to omega-3 ...

Does Vitamin D Reduce Cholesterol In Children?

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Is Vitamin D Associated With Heart Disease Risk? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Not too many years ago, we thought of vitamin D as affecting bone density and little else. Then we discovered that almost every cell in our body has vitamin D receptors. This has lead to research suggesting that vitamin D affects our health in many ...

Why Is Fructose Bad For You?

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why fructose bad for you

Is It The Sugar, Or Is It The Food? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   I don’t usually report on studies done in mice, but this study sheds light on a particularly puzzling question: Why is fructose bad for you? The studies are clear-cut. High fructose consumption is associated with inflammation, obesity, non-alcoholic liver disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, ...

What Is The Pegan Diet?

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pegan diet news

Is The Pegan Diet Healthy? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Just when you thought you had heard about every possible diet, along comes a new one called the Pegan diet. What is the Pegan Diet and is it healthy? The Pegan diet was introduced by Dr. Mark Hyman in his new book, “Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?”. ...

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Does Magnesium Optimize Vitamin D Levels?

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The Case For Holistic Supplementation Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Does magnesium optimize vitamin D levels? One of the great mysteries about vitamin D is the lack of correlation between vitamin D intake and blood levels of its active metabolite, 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Many people who consume RDA levels of vitamin D from foods and/or supplements end up with low ...