Is There Really Such A Thing A Positive Stress?

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Stress Can Be Your Friend Author: Dr. Pierre DuBois Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? When the going gets tough, the optimists among you can take heart—new research that has found that viewing stress positively can be of benefit to both the mind and body. When the brain perceives stress (either physical or psychological), it ...

Soy And Breast Cancer Recurrence

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The Truth About Soy And Breast Cancer  Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney You've probably heard the warnings: "Soy may increase the risk of breast cancer!" "Women with breast cancer shouldn't use soy!" The first warning was never true. Numerous clinical studies have shown that consumption of soy protein is associated with a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Furthermore, the ...

How to turn everyday activities into high calorie burning activities

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Burn Lots Of Calories Without Going To The Gym Author: Kai Fusser, MS Any physical activity will burn calories. The question is “How can we maximize the amount of calories burned? How can we burn lots of calories from everyday activities –without ever going to the gym?” Let’s take some everyday activities like washing your car, mowing the ...

Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Decrease Risk Of Depression In Women?

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Do Happy Fish Make Happy Women? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney  The days are getting shorter, and those shorter days can lead to depression. You may have seen the recent headlines saying “Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease the risk of depression in women”. If you suffer from seasonal depression, should you be stocking up on fish oil capsules? ...

Calculating Your Target Heart Rate

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Exercise Author: Dr. Pierre DuBois Finding the body’s target heart rate (THR) is essential for those interested in maximizing the effectiveness of their workouts and training programs and reducing the risk of overexertion. The Simple Method For Calculating Your Target Heart Rate There is an easy method for determining your THR: Start by ...

Do Statins Decrease Or Increase The Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease?

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The Fine Print Behind The Misleading Headline  Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney  I hadn’t paid much attention to the headlines saying “Statin Use May Decrease Parkinson’s Risk” until the other day when I happened to glance a couple of lines below the headline and spotted a statement saying “Study Shows That Discontinuation of Statin Therapy Increases Risk of ...

How Much Exercise Do You Need?

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“Exercise” Versus “Lifestyle Activity”:  How Active Are You—Really? Author: Dr. Pierre DuBois The most frequent questions I get are: “How much exercise do I need?” and “What’s the best way of getting that exercise?” If you are like most people, working out just for the sake of working out does not really appeal (although there are many dedicated ...

Are High Protein Diets Your Secret To Successful Weight Loss?

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Do High Protein Diets Reduce Fat And Preserve Muscle? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Are high protein diets your secret to healthy weight loss? There are lots of diets out there – high fat, low fat, Paleolithic, blood type, exotic juices, magic pills and potions. But recently, high protein diets are getting a lot of press. The ...

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Does Magnesium Optimize Vitamin D Levels?

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The Case For Holistic Supplementation Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Does magnesium optimize vitamin D levels? One of the great mysteries about vitamin D is the lack of correlation between vitamin D intake and blood levels of its active metabolite, 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Many people who consume RDA levels of vitamin D from foods and/or supplements end up with low ...