Are Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Right For You?

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Do statins really work?

Do Statins Really Work? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Statins - those ubiquitous drugs used to lower cholesterol levels - are big business! Over 20 million Americans are currently being treated with statin drugs at a cost that runs into billions of dollars every year. And cardiologists have just recommended that another 20 million Americans consider using cholesterol lowering ...

Healthy Thanksgiving

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Healthy Thanksgiving

Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney While "Healthy Thanksgiving" doesn't quite have the appeal of the more familiar "Happy Thanksgiving" greeting, I used it here to make the point that Thanksgiving dinner (and many other holiday meals) doesn't have to be an unhealthy affair. After all, there is a lot to like about the ingredients in Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey ...

The Benefits of Sprint Interval Training

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Sprint Interval Training

Are You Still Doing Cardio? Author: Kai Fusser, MS Last month I told you about functional fitness training and why I think it is superior to workouts on the machines that fill most gyms and sports clubs. This month my topic is sprint interval training, and why it beats the traditional cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. Walk into any ...

Should GMO Labeling Be Required For All Food Ingredients?

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When Is GMO Not GMO? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney I'm probably going to get lots of hate mail for this week's “Health Tips from the Professor” because I'm finally going to tackle the GMO controversy. You see, the GMO controversy is very much like Washington politics. On one side of the aisle, you have the people who are ...

Are Fat Burning Sports Supplements Safe?

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Muscular man holding container of training supplements

It’s Buyer Beware in the Sports Supplement Market Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney For many athletes it’s all about being bigger, faster, stronger. That’s what makes the fat burning sports supplements so appealing. If you believe the ads, they will burn fat, increase muscle mass and give you an energy boost. But, are fat burning sports supplements safe? ...

Use of Sports Supplements By Young Athletes

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Are Sports Supplements Effective? Are They Safe? Author: Dr. Pierre DuBois In recent years, the use of sports supplements by young athletes has increased dramatically. The most commonly used sports supplements among teenagers of all ages were vitamins and minerals, though “ergogenic aids” are used by some teen athletes specifically to enhance performance. Among these performance-enhancing supplements ...

Multivitamin Supplements May Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality

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3d rendered illustration - breast cancer

Can A Multivitamin A Day Keep Breast Cancer At Bay?  Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney A few weeks ago I wrote about soy and breast cancer survival. You’ve probably seen the latest headlines: “Multivitamin Supplements May Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality” and are wondering if they could possibly be true. After all, wasn’t it just a short time ago ...

Functional Fitness Training

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man exercising weight training silhouette

Are You Doing Your Workouts Wrong? Author: Kai Fusser, MS We’ve all heard about “functional exercises” by now, but what does functional fitness training really mean? Playing a sport, doing yard work or even day to day activities, requires the whole body to move all at the same time. Do you know of any sport (with the possible ...

Are Dietary Polyphenols Associated With Longevity?

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Merlot Grapes HDR

Are Polyphenols The Fountain of Youth? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney You’ve probably heard that resveratrol and other polyphenols in red wine can help mice live longer. But what about us? Are dietary polyphenols associated with longevity in humans? Until recently nobody knew the answer to that question. However, a recent study (Zamora-Ros et al, J. Nutr. 143: 1445-1450, ...

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Can Plant-based Diets Be Unhealthy?

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Do statins really work?

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