Can Exercise Help You Live Longer?

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Run Long And Prosper Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney Can Exercise Help You Live Longer? In my past "Tips" I have talked about how hard it is to prove the value of individual lifestyle changes for improving our longevity - whether we are talking about more exercise, lower fat diets or individual nutritional supplements. Most studies have ...

Welcome to Health Tips from the Professor

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My goal is to keep you abreast of the latest developments in health, nutrition and fitness. I will cut through the sensational headlines and hype to let you know what health information you can trust. I will provide you with this information in a straight-forward manner so that you can apply it to your personal ...

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What Is The Planetary Diet?

Posted May 21, 2019 by Dr. Steve Chaney

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Is Your Diet Destroying The Planet? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Earth Day has come and gone, but you are still committed to saving the planet. You save energy. You recycle. You drive an electric car. But is your diet destroying the planet? This is not a new question, but a recent commission of international scientists has conducted a ...