Can a Holistic Approach to Diabetes Reduce Risk?

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holistic approach diabetes doctors recommend

The Role of Supplementation In Reducing Diabetes Risk Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Doctors usually discuss a holistic approach to diabetes with their patients.  But, that often isn’t the case for other diseases. Why do doctors recommend drugs rather than natural approaches for controlling and treating other diseases? In part, it’s because so many Americans would rather take ...

Hip Pain Causes and Treatment

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hip pain causes and treatment

How To Find and Treat The Muscles That Cause Hip Pain Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT – The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   This article will help you discover hip pain causes and treatment.  We'll first uncover hip pain causes and then we will teach you how to administer self treatment. Hip Pain Is Commonly Caused By Tight ...

Diet And Mental Health In Teens

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diet mental health teens

Is Your Teen Crazy Because Of What They Eat? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   If you have teenagers or have had teenagers in the past, you know they can be a little crazy at times. Sometimes they are a lot crazy. It’s easy to dismiss the occasional weird behavior by attributing it to raging hormones. I wouldn’t want ...

Should You Get the Flu Shot This Year?

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should you get the flu shot this year little girl sneezing

The Truth About The Flu Shot Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Should you get the flu shot this year? It is the worst of times. The flu virus is particularly deadly this year. Flu deaths are piling up. On the other hand, the flu vaccine is only about 10% effective. The medical community is pointing to the mounting death ...

Calf Cramps Remedy

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calf cramps remedy

Don’t Let A Leg Cramp Stop You Short Author: Julie Donnelly, LMT – The Pain Relief Expert Editor: Dr. Steve Chaney   Getting a leg cramp while you are running can be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  If you don’t treat it properly and quickly when it is happening, you may limp to the finish line, and ...

Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Reduced by Iodine Deficiency?

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Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Could Be Cut In Half Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Are your chances of getting pregnant reduced by iodine deficiency? It shouldn’t be happening. The introduction of iodized salt in the 1920s virtually eliminated iodine deficiency in this country. However, in just the past twenty years the incidence of iodine deficiency has increased 3-8-fold ...

Diet and Chronic Disease: Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease

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diet and chronic disease heart attack

Can You Cut Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes In Half? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   It is no secret that heart disease and diabetes are among the top two causes of death in this country. They are killers. Even worse, they can affect your quality of life for years before they kill you. Finally, they are ...

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A Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss

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Do Low-Carb Diets Help Maintain Weight Loss? Author: Dr. Stephen Chaney   Traditional diets have been based on counting calories, but are all calories equal? Low-carb enthusiasts have long claimed that diets high in sugar and refined carbs cause obesity. Their hypothesis is based on the fact that high blood sugar levels cause a spike in insulin levels, ...