• Are you frustrated with your weight?
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Introducing the SwissFitt Lifestyle Programs
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Diet & Lifestyle change programs that are proven to:

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Others focus on weight loss and it keeps coming back
We focus on lifestyle and the weight comes off naturally

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Kai Fitness

You may not realize it but the conventional “old-fashioned” approach to improving your golf game could be hurting you more than helping. Simply spending more time on the green will lead to a lack of consistency in your game, you may not get any better, and you’ll continue to have a lack of distance and stamina…
I’ve created a program that overcomes these “range-rat” problems and will give you the following typical benefits:

  • You can gain 20 to 40 yards more.
  • An average handicap of 2 strokes better.
  • Less overall time spent working on your game – a lot less.
  • Less or even no pain during a game of golf and rarely any pain after practice.
  • Of course, enjoying playing a lot more than ever before!

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